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We serve companies of all sizes, including Billion+, Midsize, and Startups, and are flexible to the needs and integration each company requires.

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Joining the medical device industry is an exciting endeavor, yet there are significant considerations, processes, and protocols for entrance. You may find yourself questioning decisions or not understanding the complex regulations, yet these initial steps for entrance are critical in order to establish your business as a sustainable competitor.

Building Partnerships

Fang Consulting offers the RA/QA services and consulting your company needs to build a dependable product that will initiate your company with purpose and reliability. From regulatory affairs to quality consulting, Fang Consulting’s services extend direct assistance to medical device startup companies.

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Medical Device Strategy

As a Billion+ medical device company, Fang Consulting recognizes your unique needs and offers specific services that will contribute to the overall quality of your business and product. We bring value, from RA/QA services to medical device strategy consulting, to support your day-to-day business.

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Regulatory Affairs

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Quality Management

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