The Fang Consulting team uses its

expertise to serve as your medical

device consultant to help solve pressing

regulatory and quality challenges.

Who Is “Fang”?

You might be wondering about our name, “Fang Consulting”. When the company was started back in 1999, we knew we had to grab a domain name. Unfortunately, all the typical names were already taken. In a moment of desperation, our founder typed in his cockapoo’s nickname, “Fang”, and sure enough, “Fang Consulting” was available! So, Fang Consulting was indeed named after our founder’s beloved pet cockapoo. While the original Fang (Polly) has passed away, her legacy lives on.

Today we have Madeline (Maddie), a 15-pound and cheerful cockapoo. Maddie even enjoys coming to work in our office in Minneapolis, Minnesota and welcoming everyone with a wag of her tail. Maddie loves to walk on everyone’s desks, see what they are doing, and is always ready for a walk, which our team gladly obliges. If you stop by the office, Maddie will be there to greet you!

Our Core Team

Heather Kurtz

Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Kelsie Bohm

HR & Talent Acquisition Manager

Kristin Tizzano

Executive Administrative Assistant

Laura Lind

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Malinda Scherf

Regulatory Affairs and Quality Consultant

Margo Anderson

Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Mike Steinkraus

Junior QA/RA Associate

Patrick Brown

Advisory Board Member

Sarah Ware

Principal Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Scott Sepple

Principal Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Shane Kosir

Senior Project Manager

Sue Pekarna

Senior Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Toshi Higashi

Project Manager, Regulatory Affairs Consultant

Tracy Eberly

President & CEO

Wendy Renard

HR Consultant

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