The Vet!

MOST dogs hate the Vet, but I’m not like most dogs

Today I went to the vet. Most dogs hate the vet, but as you can see from my post-vet visit selfie, I don’t mind it. That’s because it is ALL ABOUT ME! I get to see friends in the waiting room, meet new people, sniff new stuff, and then people hold me and pet me. And belly rubs – OH THE BELLY RUBS I get. I did get some shots, and I didn’t like that so much. But then it was all about me again, so I was happy.

I got back from the vet, and we stood around in a parking lot for a while with all the humans looking up at the sky. That was dumb. There aren’t any bunnies up there. Or are there???

We went for a walk and I had an epic bunny chase. You should have seen it, it was awesome. I was running along and sniffing bushes and then I was all like “hey, there’s a bunny!” and the chase was on. He was a quick one, and he lost me a couple times, and ultimately got away. Some girl humans came out of a parking ramp and confused me, it isn’t my fault. I blame the girl humans. Then I led my humans back to the office where I slept for a bit and then had some teriyaki jerky! This has been an awesome day – all about me. I hope the stupid rain stops so I can chase some more bunnies. I hate bunnies.