Rainy day for a food truck

It was a rainy day for some tacos!

Every Thursday and Friday, a food truck is stationed across the street from the office. It’s a nice break for the staff to take me for a walk, so I love going with them to get their lunch (that they rarely share with me). Today was pretty cloudy and rainy, but we went anyway, for Rusty Taco is one of our favorite food trucks that comes around. Typically when they all stand in line to wait for their food, I like to greet other people in line, hunt for bunnies in the bushes by the parking lot, and sniff around cars (you never know, a bunny could be there!!). As I was doing all of these things while the staff waited, it started to sprinkle (Which means all the bunnies went in hiding, so I don’t like when it rains!). It rained like that for most of the time we waited in line.

But, just as the staff went up to order, it started to down pour. I’m hiding under the food truck to avoid getting (more) wet, and the rest of the Fang staff were all huddling under the roof of the truck and what few umbrellas they had. We were a sight to see! Apparently standing in the rain was worth it for all the tacos they got (Which they barely shared with me, I might add). I got to hunt for bunnies in the pouring rain while my owner delivered more umbrellas to the staff. They were all soaked, and so was I! Overall, it was a fun trip to the food truck, but it sure was wet! They all say it was totally worth it for tacos, but I’m not convinced since they did not share with me.