My humans went to Escape Room…

and they left me at the office!

My humans decided they needed a “team building” experience on a Friday afternoon. Personally, I think the best team building is when I take them for a walk and I get to chase bunnies. But they decided to go without me and I was so mad! They went to Escape Room, where the team tried to get out of a room within 60 minutes using clues left around the room. They said it was fun and tricky, and almost got out. But they failed. HA! They should have brought me! I have a great sniffer and I can totally find stuff. Everyone had fun and then they went to a local watering hole for a drink together… Hey, I love watering holes! I get to swim and cool off after chasing bunnies.

When Tracy, Jim, and Meghann returned to the office, boy did I give them a piece of my mind. Grrrrrrr…. But then we were ok because I got kisses and belly rubs. Those are my favorite!

My human Tracy says they’ll do this again. He said everyone worked together really well as a team.

The team – from left to right:
Jim, Meghann, Tracy, Sherry, Laura, Chase, Alex