Madeline and her bunnies.

I do what I can to catch the bunnies!

Today while on my afternoon walk, I stopped to visit a nice man emptying a cooler into a sewer. I, of course, capitalized on the opportunity to drink some yummy cooler water! Not as good as puddle water, but it sufficed. One always has to hydrate after a great bunny chase.

As the staff and I walked back to the office after my pit stop, the staff MADE me pose by a sewer – I thought it was silly, but I never shy away from a photo opportunity. Apparently there’s this clown named Pennywise who lives in the sewer? He has bunnies, so I approve. Or, so he told me. We sadly walked away before I could catch any bunnies. The staff who walked me today thought they were just SO funny – I did not see the humor in it! The bunny catching business is a serious business and I DO NOT mess around when it comes to bunnies! I hate them and love to chase them whenever I can. Too bad I didn’t get to try to catch any sewer bunnies. Maybe next time. I hear they float down there, so maybe they’d be easier to catch.