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Fang Consulting provides engineering services for medical device companies encompassing a wide range of activities that are critical for the development, design, and manufacture of medical devices.

Some examples of engineering services that may be provided to medical device companies include:

  • Product design and development: This includes the creation of detailed specifications and design documents for new medical devices, as well as prototyping, testing, and validation of these devices.
  • Manufacturing and process engineering: This includes the design and optimization of manufacturing processes for medical devices, as well as ongoing monitoring and control of these processes to ensure that devices are being produced to the necessary standards.
  • Supply chain management: This includes managing and overseeing the supply of components and raw materials needed for medical device manufacturing, as well as managing relationships with suppliers.
  • Technical documentation: This includes the preparation of technical documentation such as user manuals, assembly instructions, and maintenance manuals, as well as creating drawings and schematics for the products.
  • Post-market surveillance: This involves monitoring and reporting any issues that may arise after the product has been released to the market and ensuring that the device continues to meet the necessary safety and performance standards.

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