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  • By Tracy Eberly
  • 09 May, 2016

Monday's are tough on everyone.

Maddie is having a hard time getting going today. I think she needs to recover from her busy weekend of chasing bunnies and swimming in lakes and ponds.
By Madeline Eberly 13 Dec, 2017

The Holiday Season is here and it is time for a much needed spa day! At Wendy’s Doghouse in Minneapolis , Wendy and her groomers always take such good care of me! There’s nothing like a fresh bath and trim to help freshen me up for my bunny chases (which can be quite challenging with hair in my eyes and twigs in my tail). Nothing will slow me down now! Now that I am fresh and smell amazing… I can’t wait to find a nice, wet, muddy pile of slush to play in to celebrate. I just have to avoid those sidewalks covered in salt that hurt my perfectly pedicured paws… I can’t chase after bunnies as fast if my paws hurt! Happy Holidays Everyone!

By Madeline Eberly 16 Oct, 2017
Today while on my afternoon walk, I stopped to visit a nice man emptying a cooler into a sewer. I, of course, capitalized on the opportunity to drink some yummy cooler water! Not as good as puddle water, but it sufficed. One always has to hydrate after a great bunny chase.

As the staff and I walked back to the office after my pit stop,  the staff MADE me pose by a sewer - I thought it was silly, but I never shy away from a photo opportunity. Apparently there's this clown named Pennywise who lives in the sewer? He has bunnies, so I approve. Or, so he told me. We sadly walked away before I could catch any bunnies. The staff who walked me today thought they were just SO funny - I did not see the humor in it! The bunny catching business is a serious business and I DO NOT mess around when it comes to bunnies! I hate them and love to chase them whenever I can. Too bad I didn't get to try to catch any sewer bunnies. Maybe next time. I hear they float down there, so maybe they'd be easier to catch.  
By Madeline Eberly 21 Aug, 2017
Today I went to the vet.  Most dogs hate the vet, but as you can see from my post-vet visit selfie, I don't mind it.  That's because it is ALL ABOUT ME!  I get to see friends in the waiting room, meet new people, sniff new stuff, and then people hold me and pet me.  And belly rubs - OH THE BELLY RUBS I get.  I did get some shots, and I didn't like that so much.   But then it was all about me again, so I was happy.  

I got back from the vet, and we stood around in a parking lot for a while with all the humans looking up at the sky.  That was dumb.  There aren't any bunnies up there.  Or are there???

We went for a walk and I had an epic bunny chase.  You should have seen it, it was awesome.  I was running along and sniffing bushes and then I was all like "hey, there's a bunny!" and the chase was on.  He was a quick one, and he lost me a couple times, and ultimately got away.  Some girl humans came out of a parking ramp and confused me, it isn't my fault.  I blame the girl humans.  Then I led my humans back to the office where I slept for a bit and then had some teriyaki jerky!  This has been an awesome day - all about me.  I hope the stupid rain stops so I can chase some more bunnies.  I hate bunnies.
By Madeline Eberly 18 Aug, 2017
Every Thursday and Friday, a food truck is stationed across the street from the office. It's a nice break for the staff to take me for a walk, so I love going with them to get their lunch (that they rarely share with me). Today was pretty cloudy and rainy, but we went anyway, for Rusty Taco is one of our favorite food trucks that comes around. Typically when they all stand in line to wait for their food, I like to greet other people in line, hunt for bunnies in the bushes by the parking lot, and sniff around cars (you never know, a bunny could be there!!). As I was doing all of these things while the staff waited, it started to sprinkle (Which means all the bunnies went in hiding, so I don't like when it rains!). It rained like that for most of the time we waited in line.

But, just as the staff went up to order, it started to down pour. I'm hiding under the food truck to avoid getting (more) wet, and the rest of the Fang staff were all huddling under the roof of the truck and what few umbrellas they had. We were a sight to see! Apparently standing in the rain was worth it for all the tacos they got (Which they barely shared with me, I might add). I got to hunt for bunnies in the pouring rain while my owner delivered more umbrellas to the staff. They were all soaked, and so was I! Overall, it was a fun trip to the food truck, but it sure was wet! They all say it was totally worth it for tacos, but I'm not convinced since they did not share with me.
By Madeline Eberly 31 Jul, 2017
My humans decided they needed a "team building" experience on a Friday afternoon.  Personally, I think the best team building is when I take them for a walk and I get to chase bunnies.  But they decided to go without me and I was so mad!  They went to Escape Room, where the team tried to get out of a room within 60 minutes using clues left around the room.  They said it was fun and tricky, and almost got out.  But they failed.  HA!  They should have brought me!  I have a great sniffer and I can totally find stuff.  Everyone had fun and then they went to a local watering hole for a drink together... Hey, I love watering holes!  I get to swim and cool off after chasing bunnies.  

When Tracy, Jim, and Meghann returned to the office, boy did I give them a piece of my mind.  Grrrrrrr....  But then we were ok because I got kisses and belly rubs.  Those are my favorite!

My human Tracy says they'll do this again.  He said everyone worked together really well as a team.

The team - from left to right:
Jim, Meghann, Tracy, Sherry, Laura, Chase, Alex
By Madeline 16 May, 2017
Today on my usual afternoon walk after chasing some bunnies, we walked by the pond by our office where some baby ducks recently hatched. Mama Duck called for her babies, but 2 did not follow- they were swept away into the drain at the end of the pond. We were all worried, especially me. Luckily, we were able to figure out a way to save one of them. Tracy was able to save one using a device he created (pictured below), and Alex climbed down into the drain to find the other. Sadly, one baby is still down there because it crawled a bit too far into the pipe at the bottom of the drain, but one was reunited with its Mama! Quite the exciting walk, I'd say!
By Madeline 24 Feb, 2017
The FDA has been rolling out the requirements for filling MDRs electronically for a couple years, and now everyone must be compliant.

Are you behind on implementing a system for filing eMDRs? At Fang Consulting, we can help!

Fang Consulting is registered with the FDA as a consulting agency, which allows us to file eMDR reports on our client's behalf.  We can host your eMDR portal and file any reports you require.

Let us take this item off of your to-do list. Send us a note at "Contact Us" on the main page.
By Madeline 15 Feb, 2017
We had a visitor at the office yesterday who brought us Girl Scout cookies! I could not stop sniffing around in the boxes. The cookies were a nice distraction from our usual work here in the office- so was me jumping up on desks to find cookies and steal bites from all the employees here at Fang!
By Madeline 09 Feb, 2017
We are happy to announce that our 3 Certified 13485:2016 Auditors have started the process of creating our own Quality Management System for Fang Consulting and Fang Fulfillment. We have partnered with IMSXpress and will be using their ISOXpress online tools, just as we have for 3 other clients.
By Madeline 27 Jul, 2016

What a happy dog!  Completely happy and comfortable. 

She loves working in regulatory and quality!

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